We have re-enacted several classic radio broadcasts, and they are extremely popular with our audiences. So, we are making them a regular monthly feature. On March 29th, we will be performing three episodes of "Lights Out". Please visit our website regularly for updates about future webcasts.


Speared, Shaken and Stirred

A.A. Milne Selected Readings

The Shadow

War Of The Worlds

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Gunsmoke/Mark Twain/Behind the Scenes

Every year, in April, we celebrate the anniversary of the birth of our namesake, William Shakespeare, whose birthday is (probably) April 23rd. We performed three audio pieces before a live audience, and webcast them around the world. We chose a section of Mark Twain's "Is Shakespeare Dead," with Carl Wawrina as Mark Twain. We also found a script for "Behind the Scenes," a series about Hollywood. This one featured Summer Gorbea, Mike Austin, and Carl Wawrina. And, finally, a classic "Gunsmoke" episode, in which one of the characters is a Shakespearean actor. 

Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle


War of the Worlds - Recreating the Night that Panicked America