Chris Garcia

Chris comes to us with 23 years experience in Environmental Health Care Management. His first experience with LBSC was when he volunteered for the 2001 production of Bram Stoker's Dracula. He still has fond memories of painting coffins in the alley at 3:00 am, behind our old storage and rehearsal space. He was also the stage manager for this production. His dedication, organizational skills, and talent for "taking care of the grown-up things", says Artistic Director Helen Borgers, soon led him to become our company president. When the "grown-up things" have allowed him to, Chris has been an active behind the scenes crew member, assisting with prop construction, painting, erecting the festival stage, and doing whatever it takes to keep LBSC moving in the right direction. He was stage manager for the fourth annual festival at Sterns Park, and has produced all of the festivals since. Chris has been instrumental in establishing a rapport with the Aquarium staff over the past years, and is grateful to the Aquarium management for welcoming us back for a third year. Approaching his fifth year as company president, he has always considered his position as one of service, and in a supporting role. He prefers to work behind the scenes, and makes every effort to assure that the needs of the Artistic Director, technical staff, crew and support staff are met. "Our company has attracted so many creative, talented, and committed cast and crew members, who have worked so hard to make every production a success," said Chris. "It is an honor to be of service to them."