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Titus Andronicus Sat. June 29, 2019, by appointment
Please email the Producer at simplydanarae@aol.come with your resume and photos along with the character you are interested in. Please make sure you are available for all rehearsal and performance dates. We do no use understudies.
Titus Andronicus 2019 Audition Breakdown
Summary: The Roman general Titus Andronicus returns from war with Tamora and her sons as prisoners. In accordance with Roman tradition, Titus sacrifices Tamora's eldest son despite her pleas. She swears revenge, which comes sooner than expected when the newly elected emperor marries the Goth queen, setting up Tamora, her sons, and her forbidden love, Aaron, to reign havoc on Titus’ family. After several heinous acts resulting in the maiming, rape, and murder of several of the Andronicus clan, Titus seizes his opportunity for revenge. Shakespeare’s bloodiest play serves as a gruesome reminder that revenge always has its cost.
Lucius, Female, 20’s – Titus’s oldest child, Lucius is the most steadfast character in the play. While openly feeling and compassionate, Lucius makes decisions logically and according to her own strict moral code. Lucius breaks down the institutions that created the cycle of revenge and represents a hopeful future: rebellious, fair, and strong.
Marcus, Male, 40+- As Titus is a military man, his brother, Marcus, is a diplomatic one. Much like Lucius, Marcus struggles to be a voice of reason in an unreasonable world, but unlike Lucius, he is still tied to the old ways. Marcus for much of this play gives voice to Titus’s grief, almost narrating as Titus greets woe after woe, but once Titus goes insane, Marcus serves as a contrast between the man Titus was and who he has become.
Aaron, Male, Black, 30+ - As Tamora’s forbidden lover, Aaron helps her realize all her desires. At first only her physical needs, but as Tamora’s tastes turn toward revenge, it is Aaron that coldly and brilliantly orchestrates every travesty performed against Titus and his family. For much of this play, Aaron is an unrepentant and unsympathetic villain, but when confronted with fatherhood, a streak of nobility takes shape.
Chiron/Demetrius, Male, 20’s – Exactly the opposite to the rational Lucius, Tamora’s sons embody chaos, lust, and immediate gratification. Ready to kill anything in their way, including each other, they are the hounds that Aaron sets loose to perform the violent acts of revenge against the Andronicus family. They are the killers, rapists, and mutilators of the play and do it all for kicks.
Saturninus, Any Gender, 30’s – Vengeful and peevish, the newly elected Roman emperor is quick to act on his jealousies and petty resentments. He is not quick to forgive or forget, holding many grudges throughout the play. He is an unknowing accomplice in many of Tamora’s plans, too taken by her to question her orders. He can act violently, but seems to come more of a place of self-reservation than of the hate Tamora and her clan show.

The Undying Actor, Any Gender, 20+ - Prince Bassianus, Mutius Andronicus, and the Nurse are just 3 of many characters that meet their end within a scene or two of appearing. One actor will play all of these parts, giving them each distinct over-the-top personalities. Quick-changes will be par for the course, but from the time this actor appears, the audience should know they won’t last too long. A strong background in comedy will be key as these parts will serve to balance the gore and dark nature of this play.

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