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Plot to Overthrow Christmas Sept 28, 2019, by appointment
Please email the Producer at simplydanarae@aol.come with your resume and photos along with the character you are interested in. Please make sure you are available for all rehearsal and performance dates. We do no use understudies.

Prepare for Auditions:

1 comedic monologue, classic or contemporary, and 1 song (acapella, with own instrument of Bluetooth speaker)

Summary: A meeting is held in hell between all the deceased villains from history and literature. The subject: how to do away with Christmas? After several suggestions and some bickering, they land on the idea of killing Santa. Straws are drawn and the Roman emperor, Nero, is chosen to go to the North Pole. At this point in the story, he will exit the elevator from hell to a different location that will point him in the direction of the North Pole and feature a song or a poem about Christmas in that region. He eventually gets to Santa, who greets Nero warmly. Nero finds himself unable to go through with the plot as Santa gives him what he’s always wanted: a new Stradivarius. This is a rhyming piece, similar to Dr. Suess.

Narrator, Male, 30’s-50’s – Classic velvet smoking jacket w/slippers Dad type. Smarmy and slightly condescending but also likable and a riveting story-teller. Comedic timing will be key as the narrator reacts to interruptions, sometimes from the characters themselves. Some light singing.

Nero, Male, 20’s-50’s – The Roman Emperor who, according to legend, was a harsh ruler and fiddled while Rome burned. He is a classical music lover and conducts himself with an air of superiority, disdainful of the other fiends in hell. Very uptight and “type A”. At his center, he has a good heart and is somewhat loveable, but seldom lets it show.

Mephisto, Female, 30’s + Called “Master Chairwoman” by the demons, she is the devil herself. Makes a grand entrance but then gets to serious business. She is tough and political, without needing to rely on being pretty. Sharp and scary. Though she runs hell democratically, she runs it. Must be able to sing.

Haman, Male, 20+- A biblical villain from the book of Esther, Haman is always playing the political game by trying to kiss up to Mephisto, which earns him both friends and enemies in hell. The most outspoken of the fiends, Ivan often interjects during other people’s proposals without making one himself. He is caught arguing with Ivan the Terrible. This actor will also make a later appearance as a stop on Nero’s way to the North Pole, delivering a poem or song, to be chosen with the director. Must be able to sing.

Lucrezia Borgia, Female 20+ - A kind of “black widow” figure, Lucrezia was thought to have poisoned several people while she ran the political scene of Italy. She is regarded as the prettiest among the fiends as while as commanding their respect as a deadly assassin. It is her idea the fiends agree on, which is to eliminate Santa Claus. This actor will also make a later appearance as a stop on Nero’s way to the North Pole, delivering a poem or song, to be chosen with the director. Must be able to sing.

Ivan the Terrible, Male 20’s + - Russian accent. A man of luxury, he suggests poisoning Christmas treats. He has a rivalry with Haman and is very outspoken about it. This actor will also make a later appearance as a stop on Nero’s way to the North Pole, delivering a poem or song, to be chosen with the director. Must be able to sing.

Simon Legree/ Santa Claus, White, Male 30+ - The cruel slave owner from Uncle Tom’s Cabin. He is not much liked by the other demons, but doesn’t seem to notice. Speaks with a slow Southern drawl and is very gentlemanly, proposing to bribe members of Congress. This actor will also play Santa Claus, easily diffusing Nero’s murderous resolve with kindness and a welcoming demeanor. Classic Santa. Some singing

Rehearsal and Performance Schedule:
Please reply with any conflicts.
Sun. Oct 6 @ 12-4 Read Thru and Measurements
Mon-Wed  Oct 7,8,9 @ 7pm
Mon-Wed. Oct 14,15,16 @ 7pm
Mon-Wed Oct 21,22,23 @ 7pm
Sun Oct. 27 @ 6pm- 10pm
Mon - Wed. Oct 28-30 @ 7pm Rehearsal
Sat. Nov 2 @ 12-6 
Sun. Nov 3 @12-6 
Mon-Thurs. Nov. 4,5,6,7 @7 Rehearsal
Sat. Nov 9 Set load in no rehearsal
Sun Nov 10 @ 2-6pm
Mon-Thurs Nov 11,12,13,14 @7
Tech begins
Sat. Nov 16 @ 12-6pm
Sun. Nov 17@ 12 -6pm
Mon Nov 18 @7pm
Tues Nov 19 Dress @7pm
Wed Nov 20 Dress @7pm
Thurs. Nov. 21 Dress @ 7pm
Friday Opening night
Performances Fri and Sat 7pm Call 8pm show, Sun 1pm call 2pm show
Nov 22 - Dec 15 show closes on a Sunday Matinee (no show Fri. Dec.6)
Light Strike after Matinee on Sunday Dec. 15
Future Auditions dates:
Hamlet: Saturday, Jan 4, 2020, by appointment
A Woman of No Importance: Saturday, March 28, 2020, by appointment
As You Like It: Saturday, June 27, 2020, by appointment
Sherlock Holmes blue Carbunkle: Saturday, Sept. 26, 2020, by appointment
We are always looking for new volunteers. 
Front of House Lobby: Greet Patrons, help with ticket reservations, put out the snacks for intermission. 
Tech Booth Operators:  Run the light and Soundboard during our performances.
No experience needed. Volunteers get free tickets to shows and also discount tickets for friends and family.
We also welcome: Set Designers, Lighting Designers, Costume Designers, and crews, Stage Managers
Send an email to Producer Dana Leach
subject line: volunteer