Radio show: A Christmas Carol

2015 A Christmas Carol - Radio Show

The Long Beach Shakespeare Company will present the classic 1939 radio edition of A Christmas Carol. It was originally produced by Orson Welles for his Campbell's Playhouse (which is what The Mercury Theatre on the Radio became after The War of the Worlds broadcast. The Mercury Theatre saved their weekly series from cancellation with the success of that broadcast, and won a sponsor, Campbell's Soup). This Christmas broadcast was an annual tradition, first performed on Christmas Eve, 1939, starring Lionel Barrymore as Scrooge.

LBSC presents a live webcast, recalling the wonderful tradition of being at home, by the fire, or next to your Christmas Tree, listening to great performances on the radio. You are invited to join us for the live performance at the Richard Goad Theatre, or you can hear it on your computer at Either way, you'll hear the actors perform the well-known characters: Scrooge, Bob Cratchit, Nephew Fred, the Ghost of Christmas Past, Belle, and the rest! There will be live music and live sound effects, performed by the cast!

An hour of Christmas cheer at the Richard Goad Theatre. Bring the family! Get your tickets NOW. Very limited seating!


Student Regular Preview
12  18  20158:00 PM 10.00
12  19  20158:00 PM 10.00
12  20  20152:00 PM 10.00

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October 2015
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