King Lear

King Lear... may be judged to be the most perfect 
specimen of the dramatic art existing in the world...
From A Defence of Poetry (1821) Percy Bysshe Shelley 
A selfish and foolish old king divides his kingdom between his jealous daughters, losing his mind, destroying his country, and defying the gods before finding that which was never lost. 
Shakespeare’s greatest tragedy, performed in the intimate Richard Goad Theatre.


Student Regular Preview
05  30  20148:00 PM 20.00
05  31  20148:00 PM 20.00
06  01  20142:00 PM 20.00
06  07  20148:00 PM 20.00
06  08  20148:00 PM 20.00
06  13  20148:00 PM 20.00
06  14  20148:00 PM 20.00
06  15  20142:00 PM 20.00
06  20  20148:00 PM 20.00
06  21  20148:00 PM 20.00

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October 2018
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