Life and Adventures of Santa Claus

Nov 25 - Dec 11 2016

Why does Santa make toys? Why must he deliver them all in one night? How can he live forever? Written by the man who wrote The Wizard of Oz (L. Frank Baum), this tale tells the story of the fairies, wood nymphs, and forest creatures who saved the life of an abandoned human baby, who then grew up to be the immortal Santa Claus. It’s filled with music, dancing, and magical creatures…some good and some very bad. LBSC’s original stage adaptation was written by Jo McLachlan, with original music by Edmund Velasco. A holiday classic for the whole family. VERY kid friendly!

Radio show: A Christmas Carol

Dec 16 - Dec 18 2016

This Christmas broadcast was an annual tradition, first performed on Christmas Eve, 1939, starring Lionel Barrymore as Scrooge. LBSC revived this tradition five years ago and we continue to perform it live with THREE PERFORMANCES ONLY

Free Speakers Series

Jan 29 2017

Author and Professor Andrea Mays THE MILLIONAIRE AND THE BARD Shakespeare’s First Folio is the most valuable book in the world. Recently, one sold for more than five million dollars. It is the book that rescued the name of William Shakespeare and half of his plays from oblivion. The Millionaire and the Bard tells the miraculous and romantic story of the making of the First Folio, and of Henry Clay Folger, the American industrialist whose thrilling pursuit of the book became a lifelong obsession. In her presentation, Professor Mays will discuss her vivid journey into the literary and theatrical world of King James’ England juxtaposed with what she has uncovered about Henry Clay Folger’s secret life. You’ll be surprised to learn not only how the Folger library came into existence, but also how it ended up with such a plum location!

Taming of the Shrew

Mar 31 - Apr 09 2017

(Old Time Radio Style)

Free Speakers Series

Apr 15 2017

Author, Poet, and UCLA Professor Robert Watson The Romeo and Juliet Nobody Knows  Everyone knows this story: the implacable feud between the Montague and Capulet families dooms their offspring – a pair of young lovers – to tragic ends. But a clue in the original texts that has remained erased for centuries offers a glimpse of a happier ending. Combining old-fashioned textual research with new-fangled computer data-mining not only shows that Shakespeare’s artistry was even more brilliantly intricate than has been understood, but also explains why, during the 400 years since Shakespeare’s death, that artistry has led nearly every editor and director of this play astray at a crucial moment. Robert Watson will reveal all! 

Romeo and Juliet

Apr 21 - Apr 29 2017

(Old Time Radio Style)

Free Speakers Series

Apr 30 2017

Kimberly Huth, PhD, Assistant Professor, English Department, California State University Dominguez Hills. Thinking and Feeling with Shakespeare. Shakespeare’s plays ask us to engage intellectually and emotionally with the characters on stage, experiences that involve our bodies as well as our minds. This discussion will explore how Shakespeare represents the processes of thinking and feeling, the often-overwhelming effects of passion, and the value of emotion for ourselves and our social lives.

Julius Caesar

May 26 - Jun 17 2017

America in Words & Music

Jul 14 - Jul 29 2017

JULY BOOKS ON STAGE A special birthday salute to America, featuring short stories, poems, songs, and essays by American writers and songwriters.

Old Time Radio Horror Classics

Oct 13 - Oct 29 2017


The Wakefield Second Shepherds Play

Nov 24 - Dec 17 2017


A Christmas Carol

Dec 21 - Dec 23 2017

Old Time Radio version of A Christmas Carol
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