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Encore: A Woman of No Importance May 7-16, 2021

The real hero is always right beside you. All Gerald knows is he just landed his dream job with the lothario, Lord Illingworth. What he doesn’t know is why his mother is so opposed to him taking it. She hasn’t told him that Illingworth is his father who abandoned her while she was pregnant and wants to steal Gerald away. Oscar Wilde lends us his sharp wit for this perfect addition to Mother’s Day.

May 16
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The Importance of Being Earnest Streaming May 28-June 27

A Trivial Comedy for Serious People. In his country estate, Jack is the responsible guardian of Cecily, but when he needs time away, he lies by saying her he must go and visit his wayward brother Ernest, which is the name he takes when partying. He falls in love with Gwendolyn who agrees to marry him because she loves the name, Ernest. Then when Gwendolyn’s cousin Algernon pretends to be Ernest and meets Cecily, she falls in love with this “Ernest.” It looks like everyone is in love with Ernest...if only he were real.

June 27
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