Audition Notice: Love's Labour's Lost

Synopsis: Games, hilarity and matters of the heart take center stage in this fun and fast moving romantic Shakespearean comedy. After taking a vow to avoid women and commit to a life of study and self-improvement for three years, the King and three of his friends have to host a princess and her three ladies. The four men fall in love and decide to court the women. The couples fall in love, but their love and trust will be tested.

Auditions: Please audition with a comedic classical of your choosing. The monologue must be 1- 2 minutes long.

In Person Auditions: Auditions at the Helen Borgers Theatre 4250 Atlantic Ave. Long Beach 90807 11/9 1PM- 4 PM and 11/12 3 PM- 7 PM

Zoom Auditions: Virtual auditions are available by request. Please contact to set up your zoom audition.

Self-Tape Auditions: Self Tapes due to by 11/12

Rehearsals: Start late November - weekdays 7- 10PM and weekends 11- 5PM on zoom and at the Helen Borgers Theater.

Tech: Starts 1/12 -1/18, Opening: January 19th

Performances (11)): January 19th, 20th, 21st, 26th, 27th, 28th, February 1st (Understudy performance), 3rd ,4th, 9th ,10th at the Helen Borgers Theatre 4250 Atlantic Ave. Long Beach 90807

Strike: February 11th 12PM

Character Breakdowns:

King Ferdinand (Lead, M, 18-30): The young King of Navarre, idealistic, impulsive, later to fall in love with the Princess of France. Handsome, a study in elegance and sophistication, has all the breeding of a natural leader, as well as the overdeveloped sense of entitlement that comes with being royalty, torn between his desire to be a strong-willed adult and the more mercurial, compelling desires of youth, his quest for knowledge is inspired by a need to find his true self.

Berowne (Lead, M, 18-30): Friend to the king; known for his biting wit and intellectual prowess; later in love with Rosaline. Attractive and rakish, sexy, sees himself as an upper middle class everyman, possesses an extremely quick wit and even sharper tongue, but too often he uses his wit to protect himself from vulnerability and lingering self-doubt, cynical and skeptical in his views of love until he meets his match.

Dumane (Supporting, M, 18-30): Companion to the King, later in love with Katherine. Genuine and earnest, though often awkward and misguided in his attempts at flirting.

Costard (Supporting, M or F, 18-30): A rustic caught violating the King's proclamation, low clown. A carefree burn-out, a bit of a weirdo, always up for a good time, plays bongos, is on the inside of all the latest gossip, whether he knows it or not.

Dull (Supporting, M or F, 30-40): A simple-minded country constable. The local sheriff whose name says it all, a little slow on the uptake, but a diligent and dedicated worker, unflappable (knock him down and he's back for more), resentful of the wealthy college kids and their pervading sense of entitlement.

Princess of France (Lead, F, 18-30): An upright, intelligent, heir to the throne of France. Lovely, sophisticated, and very intelligent, sent by her father to negotiate with the King. She can match him, or any of the men in wit and intelligence, smart, capable, and independent, but also has a fun loving side which manifests when she's with her girlfriends, having been burned by love before, she's skeptical of any expressions of genuine romantic affection.

Rosaline (Lead, F, 18-30): A witty, sarcastic young woman who spars with Berowne. Clever, witty, and extremely intelligent, with a huge heart, a perfect foil (and the perfect match) for the cynical Berowne. While the others all seem reluctant to grow up and would prefer to dance around their feelings for one another, she's tired of playing silly games and longs for something more substantial, a voice of honesty and reason with her friends.

Katherine (Supporting, F, 18-30): A companion to Princess. A classmate and friend of Rosaline and the Princess, good-natured and incredibly earnest, without a trace of irony, a good and loyal friend, seeking an actress with great comedic skills and the smarts to play a character who is sweet and simple and always a couple of beats behind her friends.

Boyet (Supporting, M or F, 18-30): Advisor to Princess and ambassador, witty. The ladies' stylish and smartly-dressed chaperone, a scenester, escorts the ladies to their balls and galas, too opinionated to simply carry out his required tasks, his constant editorializing makes him the object of jokes between the women but they love him all the same.

Jaquenetta (Supporting, F, 20-30): A local beauty in the lower class, the object of desire, beneath her tough exterior she's a closet romantic, had big hopes of getting out of this small town, but as she gets older it's looking less and less likely.

Don Armado (Lead, M, 30-40): A storytelling Spaniard in the kings’ court. He entertains the lords with stories from his past and embellishes even the smallest details. He is in charge of corralling Costard but in doing so falls in love with Jaquenetta and pledges himself to her. Note: Spanish accent required.

*Please note LBSC is a non paying and not equity theater.*